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Special Policy & Audit Committee Mtg

Date: Monday - April 08, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: 1110 Main Street - 3rd Floor Conference Room


       I.          Call to Order and Roll Call

     II.          Approval of the Minutes from March 18, 2019

    III.          Correspondence

   IV.          Public Participation

     V.          Old Business - None

   VI.          New Business

a.   Policy 2000 (Concept and Roles in Administration) – for possible deletion

b.   Policy 2001 (Participatory Management - Philosophy) – for possible deletion

c.   Policy 2001 (Holds on the Destruction of Electronic Information and Paper Records)

d.   Policy 2001.1 (Participatory Management - Staff Involvement in Decision Making) – for possible deletion

e.   Policy 2001.2 (Participatory Management - Representative and Deliberative Groups) – for possible deletion

f.    Policy 2002 (Retention of Electronic Records and Information)

g.   Policy 2003 (Uniform Treatment of Recruiters)

h.   Policy 2010 (Goals and Objectives) – for possible deletion

i.    Policy 2100 (Administrative Staff Organization) – for possible deletion

j.    Policy 2110 (Management Positions) – for possible deletion

k.   Policy 2112 (Professional Development Opportunities) – for possible deletion

l.    Policy 2121 (Lines of Responsibility) – for possible deletion

m.   Policy 2130 (Job Descriptions) – for possible deletion

n.   Policy 2133 (Principal) – for possible deletion

o.   Policy 2140 (Superintendent of Schools) – for possible deletion

p.   Policy 2210 (Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy) – for possible deletion

q.   Policy 2220 (Representative and Deliberative Groups) – for possible deletion

r.   Policy 2231 (Policy and Regulation Systems) - for possible deletion

s.   Policy 2232 (Dismissal of Classes/Teachers) - for possible deletion

t.   Policy 2240 (Research, Evaluation, Planning) - for possible deletion

u.   Policy 2250 (Monitoring of Product and Process Goals) - for possible deletion

v.   Policy 2300.1 (Statement of Standards for School Leaders) - for possible deletion

w.   Bylaw 9000 (Role of Board and Members)

x.   Bylaw 9020 (Transaction of Business)

y.  Bylaw 9120 (Officers)

z.   Bylaw 9123 (Office Duties - Secretary)

aa.  Bylaw 9124 (Clerk)

bb.  Bylaw 9125 (School Attorney) - for possible deletion

cc.  Bylaw 9130 (Committees)

dd.  Bylaw 9132/9133 (Standing Committees/Special Committees)

ee.  Bylaw 9140 (Board Representatives) - for possible deletion

ff.  Bylaw 9150 (Board Consultants) - for possible deletion

gg. Bylaw 9160 (Student Representatives/Board of Education)

hh. Bylaw 9212 (Oath of Office)

ii.  Bylaw 9222 (Removal of Board Officers)

jj. Bylaw 9230 (Orientation of Board Members)

kk. Bylaw 9240 (Professional Development/In-Service)

ll.  Bylaw 9250 (Reimbursement of Board Members’ Expenses)

mm. Bylaw 9311 (Formulation, Adoption, Amendment or Deletion of Policies)

nn.  Bylaw 9312 (Formulation, Adoption, Amendment or Deletion of Bylaws)

oo.  Bylaw 9314 (Suspension of Policies, Bylaws or Administrative Regulations)

pp. Bylaw 9321 (Time, Place and Notice of Meetings)

qq. Bylaw 9322 (Public Meetings and Executive Session)

rr.  Bylaw 9323 (Construction and Posting of Agenda)

ss. Bylaw 9324 (Advance Delivery of Meeting Materials) – for possible deletion

tt. Bylaw 9325 (Meeting Conduct)

uu. Bylaw 9326 (Minutes)

vv.  Bylaw 9330 (Board/School System Records) - for possible deletion

ww. Bylaw 9360 (Legislative Program) - for possible deletion

xx. Bylaw 9410 (Public Announcement of Accomplishments) - for possible deletion

 VII.          Topics for Future Agendas

VIII.          Public Participation

   IX.          Board Member Questions

     X.          Adjourn

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