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Concussion Education



•A Concussion is an injury to the brain
•The brain changes occur at a cellular level and are therefore are not seen on CT or MRI
•These changes can lead to altered brain function as well as symptoms such as headache and dizziness


Why Rest?

ANY activity that increases blood flow to the brain will cause symptoms, and should be avoided!

Healthcare providers or school personnel may recommend:

ØNo computer use
ØNo video games
ØNo text messaging
ØNo driving
ØNo spinning carnival rides
ØNo sports
ØNo P.E.
ØNo weightlifting
ØNo school work
Post Concussion Symptoms
•Headache, physical symptoms
•Depression or mood swings
•Concentration or attention problems
•Memory problems
•Feeling mentally “foggy”
•Sleep problems
Signs of Concussion
(will be visible to others)
•Appears dazed or stunned
•Vacant stare
•Confused about recent events
•Appears drowsy
•Loss of consciousness
•Appears confused
•Appears uncoordinated or unsteady
•Mood changes
Top 10 Symptoms of Concussion
(the way the person feels)
2.Feeling slowed down
3.Difficulty concentrating

6. Fatigue

7. Blurry or double vision

8. Sensitive to light

9. Memory problems

10. Balance problems


When Can a Student
Go Back to Play?

•Athletes MUST not return to activity if they still have any symptoms of concussion as determined by appropriate medical personnel.
Criteria for Return to Sport:
1.No symptoms at rest
& with everyday activities.
2. No symptoms with exertion (cognitive & physical).
3. Neuro-cognitive testing can be a useful tool in demonstrating neuro-cognitive recovery from concussion
4. Follow a gradual return to play routine under the direction of a qualified medical provider.

5. Ask your medical provider for more information.

• Athletes cannot be returned to participation unless properly cleared by medical personnel indentified in PA 10-62 who are properly trained in the management of concussions.
• Coaches can have their coaching permit revoked for failure to comply with these protocols!
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