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Connections is an advisor/advisee program that meets every Friday for 25 minutes.  Students are heterogeneously grouped with a faculty advisor in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To foster the advisor/advisee relationships and group familiarity

  • To provide a forum to address school climate issues

  • To facilitate school-home communication through one primary contact

  • To have regular grade meetings to address grade-specific concerns

  • To have monthly assemblies that build local and global school-business relationships, with a focus on unique career opportunities

  • To ensure that CIBA complies with State Safe School Climate legislation

Advisor Groups: Fostering Relationships and School-Home Communication

Fostering Relationships:  Team-building activities are conducted to help welcome new members into the groups and establish familiarity. Students use the time to socialize, do homework, or groups may have open discussions about any school or current events issues that are on their minds (at advisor’s discretion).  The idea here is to let relationships form naturally and to provide time for advisors to chat with advisees to get to know them. 

School-Home Communication: At progress report/report card time, advisors will receive copies of these grade reports, and students will fill out a self-evaluation to give to advisors.  These forms will address how students feel about their classes and performance, which classes are challenging them, and what avenues they have pursued for support (extra help, peer tutoring, office tutoring, etc.), as well as any other issues students would like to report that may be interfering with their academic success (all staff are mandated reporters; alarming information will be reported to the required agencies).

At this time (thus, 8 times per year), advisors will initiate contact with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of any advisees who have an average below a C- in any single class.  The conversation’s purpose is to ensure that the parent has seen the progress report or report card and is aware of the low grade.  

Other information, such as the best means to contact specific subject area teachers and home access information will also be provided to parents.  The advisor will initiate contact, but specific class concerns must be addressed with the relevant teacher(s).

Grade-Level Meetings: CIBA Spirit and Grade-Specific Concerns Once a month, class representatives and staff advisors will conduct meetings to disseminate information about class initiatives, SAB events, and other important information.

Guest Speakers: Unique Local and Global Career Opportunities Monthly, guest speakers will come to share stories that show the intersection of their interests and occupations. As much as possible, these speakers will be CIBA Alumni and former and present CIBA parents.


Jorge Juan Rodriguez V is a CIBA alumni (CO2010) and a graduate of Gordon College where he earned a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Social Thought. He is currently a graduate student at Union Theological Seminary, pursuing an MA in Theology.


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