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In Art, students are earning their Vocational credit through studying the 7 Elements of Art; Color, Value, Line, Shape, Form, Space and Texture. In the first half of the year we started with the Art Element of Line, which included some amazing 2pt perspective Cityscapes and focused on the potential careers of Architecture and Interior Design. Students also created some beautiful examples of abstract art known as Zentangles. Zentangles help students understand the importance of artistic expression and highlight the potential for a career in Art Therapy. From there students moved into the Element of Form which includes the study of ancient cultures and their pottery technique such as coil, slab and pinch construction as well as learning the challenging skill of pottery-wheel-making. Finally, students moved into studying the Element of Color. A focus was made on the science behind seeing color and the various techniques of color mixing. Currently we have started our unit on the Element of Value in which students are learning how to see and created various shades in pencil and charcoal while drawing portraits.

  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2011 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2012 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2013 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2016 Award Ribbon
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