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Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) enhances students’ capacity to use skills, attitudes, and behaviors to manage their daily tasks and challenges. Social emotional learning is most effective when families, schools, and the community work together.

 There are five core competencies that SEL focuses on teaching students:

  • Self-Awareness         
  • Self-Managemen
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making

On this site you will find ways to help you discover how to achieve success in those areas. Use the links below to get more information in the area you’re interested in learning about.


SEL at Home 

Social and emotional learning starts at home from the moment a child is born. Parents and families provide the groundwork for helping their children develop social and emotional skills. Adult caregivers are the most influential people to model the attitudes and behaviors we want our students to master.

Family Resource Links

SEL at Home

Do you want to know if a movie or TV show is appropriate for your children? Are you looking for a way to help your kids go to bed on time? Is one of your children getting picked on at school?  Use this site to help your home be one that’s rich in promoting Social Emotional Wellness.

Stages of Development

Every parent wonders: Is my child acting normally? This site will help you know.  It's also filled with articles that will help you guide your child and give them more specific skills for unique situations.


This list of time-tested and well-respected books is geared towards helping you get more in-depth information to help you raise your children, and address ways to help a child who is having more difficulty coping with life’s frustrations.

It’s My Life

How do I get my child to text less?  How can I get my daughter to manage her time better? What can I do to get my son to eat healthier foods?  This site provides answers, has games for families to play, and there are even videos.

Second Step

These 8” x 11” mini-posters reinforce coping skills your child is learning at school. By hanging these up at home you’re building a strong home/school connection and helping your child understand that what they’ve been learning at school is important for real-life situations as well.

Ways to Calm DownEn Espanol        EmpathyEn Espanol                  Problem-SolvingEn Espanol


On-Line Games for Kids 

Go Go Diego Grades 2-5 

This game reinforces coping skills that children have learned in Second Step to help them control their anger when life doesn’t go the way they’d like it to go.

You’re in Charge  Grades 4-8 

Some kids think that they are ready to be home by themselves, but are they really? Making good decisions isn’t always easy for children. In this game making good decisions earns points, and making bad decisions

To Cheat, or Not to Cheat Grades 6-12

For older students decision making can take on more complex situations.  In this ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style game, the decisions made have immediate results.



4 Tools to Help You Stay Calm with Your Child

It’s not always easy being patient with a child that’s pushing your buttons.  This article will help you handle those situations without losing your cool.

National Association of School Psychology Ideas for Parents 

What should you do when your child is worried about going back to school? What if they can’t seem to focus on their chores or homework? How should you react to your child when they refuse to do anything? Is it possible that your child is suffering from depression? Let the experts help you out with tips, hints, and suggestions for handling even the toughest situations.

Fight Frustration

No one likes to see their child get frustrated.  But is it helpful to solve their problems for them? This article offers steps for how you can help your child learn how to be patient and persevere when life’s obstacles overload their senses.


Connecticut BHP, Hartford & Manchester

This link will give a list of emotional and family support services in the area that might be able to give you the assistance that you want. 

Staff Resources

Teacher SEL and Second Step Resources



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