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school Culture Update

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EHPS Theory of Action #2:  Build a Rich and Vibrant Learning Culture 

Office of Family & Community Partnerships

The Office of Family and Community Partnerships works to help support both students and families to get the most out of their education. Specifically, the Office of Family and Community Partnerships focuses on four key components for success with in the school district. We provide resources for our most vulnerable students that will help them succeed in maybe some of the most difficult circumstances. Data collection keeping track on how well our office is impacting our school district. Support Partnership teams by sitting on committees that are at the heart of our schools. Support Teacher outreach by implementing programs that contribute to our teachers continued success.

Family Involvement

December Announcements/Student Involvement

On December 11th we held our monthly Family Engagement committee meeting. Parents provided feedback on upcoming events for 2018. For the month of December we are having a Hat and Glove drive to support our local shelter. If students are in need of a coat please have them stop by the Family Engagement Center/ Tardy Tank to receive one. 

security team

On Monday, December 4, 2017, there was a suspicious phone call that was reported to the EHPD, prompting EHHS to “Lockdown” the facility.  This event occurred during afterschool hours and followed appropriate protocol under the identified circumstances.  Students, staff, and police did an exceptional job at following protocols and ensuring the safety and security of the building with the information provided.  The event resulted in a false report, which was then handled by the police department.  Follow-up information was provided to staff and families through a letter reviewing the incident and a request for further facility needs or questions can be directed to the security office or House 10, Mr. LeRoy.  

school-wide data team

The School Wide Data Team shifted its focus this month from SAT and lunch box recovery to scholar hour. The team looked over the student feedback with regards to adult actions and also discussed the logistics of scholar hour. The team determined that EHHS will have another scholar hour this year with better communication and more training for teachers prior to them conferencing again with students. The team will look more in depth at the feedback from the students at next month’s meeting. 


Our team met on November 29th and approved the IOW for December through Connections called, “Calming the Storm”. Our members modified this role play activity to help our students recognize mean spirited behavior and discuss ways to stop it from happening in the Hornet Community.

Our staff holiday gathering will be held on December 19th at Trattoria Toscana in Manchester at 2:30. Please stop in! 

staff awards & celebrations

NOVEMBER Soaring Hornet:  Mr. Vaughan





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