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Attendance Update - december 2017

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 When you’re not here… We miss you…

From Ms. Adams; Attendance Coordinator

As we reach the home stretch toward the holiday break, the attendance team wanted to remind staff about our daily practices and actions regarding student attendance. The steps below provide a description of this process: 

 Attendance meeting every day at 9:15. The Principal, Assistant Principals, Behavior Managers, Attendance Coordinator, and Community Partners attend this meeting.

 At the meeting, Ms. Adams provides a daily report of students that are absent according to period A. 

 The team discusses the students on the list by grade level and determine a course of action, if any is needed.

 Phone calls are made daily by Behavior Managers for every student that is absent.

 Ms. Adams is given information about students that are absent and she inputs the information into the Attendance Tracker. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns regarding student attendance, please reach out to the Attendance Office. Thank you for your continued support.

Attendance Networking Event

The District Attendance Task Force, comprised of attendance team professionals across all district schools, will be meeting on December 6, 2017 for the 2nd Annual EHPS Attendance Networking Event. The purpose of the seminar is to bring together attendance professionals from all schools and community partners to connect on the impact of school attendance that a community can have as well as different ways to provide support and services for our students. The last meeting in the spring was attended by over 45 organizations who were eager to continue our efforts. This session will be attended by members of our EHHS team, who will then continue to connect resources and interventions for students with attendance concerns. For more information about the Attendance Task Force, please visit the attendance office or see Mr. LeRoy.

Tracking our Progress (12/1/17)

11.2 % Chronically Absent
95.05% Nov. Attendance Rate

Tardy Tank & PICA

The Tardy Tank, let by Ms. Adams, continues to track students who are late to school. Within these efforts, the attendance team makes daily calls (1-3 tardies), sends letters home (4 tardies), sets up meetings with families (5 tardies) in order to intervene. Last month, the team
provided an overview of the number of total tardies to school and phone calls made during the first quarter. As we move into the second quarter, please be sure to reiterate the importance of attending school, every day, on-time, as this is an imperative life skill students must build upon and demonstrate as they leave EHHS. 

PICA remains an important component to our attendance at EHHS. Please note that we must continue to identify students who may have “cut” classes in order to maintain a consistent system of monitoring throughout the building. Thank you for continuing with this work. 

As always, if you have any attendance concerns regarding a student, don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Adams in the Attendance office.

Celebrating ALL IN, Everyday

Each month, the attendance team will designate one student (per grade level) for Most Improved Attendance and Perfect Attendance. Please congratulate these students as you see them recognized for their commitment to being in school, every day!

Most Improved Attendance: 9 Daevan Davis, 10 Gabby Pace, 11 Michael Vasquez, 12 Ally Voisine

Perfect Attendance: 9 Lili Albanez, 10 Abigail Gooden, 11 Luis Cruz, 12 Leslie Gardner


Family & Community Liaison: Amy Bryan, 622-5324; bryan.ac@easthartford.org, Office: EHHS—Room 130A

Attendance Officer: Lorelei Adams, 622-5238; adams.ly@easthartford.org, Office: EHHS—Room 130A


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