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school Culture Update 

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EHPS Theory of Action #2:  Build a Rich and Vibrant Learning Culture 

Office of Family & Community Partnerships

 The Office of Family and Community Partnerships works to help support both students and families to get the most out of their education. Specifically, the Office of Family and Community Partnerships focuses on four key components for success with in the school district. We provide resources for our most vulnerable students that will help them succeed in maybe some of the most difficult circumstances. Data collection keeping track on how well our office is impacting our school district. Support Partnership teams by sitting on committees that are at the heart of our schools. Support Teacher outreach by implementing programs that contribute to our teachers continued success.

Family Involvement

 For the month of February we are continuing to receive gently used prom dresses, suits and or Tuxedos. On February 12th the Family Engagement committee will meet to discuss the upcoming SAT rally and future events. On February 23rd during D period Dr. Karima Robinson will be coming to EHHS to bring us on a historical journey celebrating Black History month.

security team

Last month we focused on reviewing security protocols and procedures as individuals and with your students. This month, we urge you to ensure your own safety precautions. As a staff it is always important to keep your cars parked and locked in a designated spot. Additionally, for building security, remember to keep your classroom doors always in the locked position, refrain from propping exterior doors, and always refer visitors to the main entrance. Thank you for putting safety first!

school-wide data team

The SWDT has worked to create a document to provide staff with student feedback from the post it notes collect during the semester 1 Scholar Hour. Please see additional document for feedback.


On January 24th the committee began creating a second lesson for Connections that showcases a video and discussion for the students on how to handle conflict.
We also evaluated data from ARC visits in the first semester and are planning for some changes in the ARC process that will improve feedback to teachers as well as minimize class disruptions from discipline distribution. Based on this data we are also working on a plan to aid non-tenured teachers in establishing effective classroom management strategies early on in their career.

staff awards & celebrations

 January EHHS Soaring Hornet - Julia Rowland


  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2011 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2012 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2013 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2016 Award Ribbon
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