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Freshman Academy Update - 

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 academy overview

 As popular ring announcer Michael Buffer profoundly screams before every main event, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”  Are you students and parents ready to rumble through the third marking period?  Third marking period is significant for a number of reasons: One, 9th grade students are getting a lot closer to being sophomores or achieving sophomore status; Two, students are eager to start new elective half year courses and; Three, The winter sports season begins to intensify.  In grade 9, decisions to increase learning time and learning opportunities have been made by extending Lunch Box Recovery and introducing structure study halls.  Team teachers recognize the importance of achieving in the third quarter as it significantly impacts whether a student will ultimately earn credit and matriculate to the next grade level.  Keep in mind even those these support opportunities are available team teachers recommend students take advantage of teacher office hours and afterschool extra help time.  


February 1st is EHHS Schoolwide Report Card Night.  The purpose of the event is to welcome back our parents/guardians and provide time for them to conference with their child’s core and elective teachers.  In addition, parents will be able to take advantage of the Nights Offerings which includes Powerschool information, scheduling, course registrations, SAT review, community service opportunities, athletic updates and a much, much more.  We strongly encourage parents to make appointments with their child’s teacher on line by visiting our website at www.easthartford.org.  We look forward to a spectacular night at EHHS.   

our teachers are platinum


college & career readiness

March 21st, freshmen will have the opportunity to visit local and nearby public and private universities/colleges.  More information to follow as the date approaches.

on-track data

87% of Freshman  students on track for the second quarter 

monthly events calendar

February - Report Card Night

team aspire

Team Aspire is comprised of students that have recently arrived to the United States (17 different countries are currently represented on team) and do not have English as a first language. During the month of February, students on Team Aspire will be taking the LAS Links Test to assess their mastery of the English Language and their growth in English Language Proficiency. The test is a state mandated, computer based test that assesses the four modalities of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The scores are reported to the state of Connecticut, and they are used here, at EHHS, for appropriate student placement of English Leaners as well as ESL services. This test is very important for programing and student placement, so students are encouraged to give their very best effort. 

team odyssey

As February BEGINS, the long tough stretch begins. Snow days interfere with the flow of instruction and cold weather makes us all yearn for warmer days, BUT we must persevere and BUILD on our skills to BECOME the best students and people we can be. Team Odyssey is looking forward to talking with you on Feb. 1 at Report Card Night and as always, do not hesitate to call us or email us if you have any questions or concerns. 

team pursuit

Team Pursuit would like to introduce you to Ashley Vargas, the newest member of our team! Mrs. Vargas is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate English teacher who has worked in East Hartford for the last 11 years.

Recently we celebrated our students who received A’s and B’s on their midterm exams and honor roll during the first and second quarter.

We are very excited to see all of you at Report Card Night and can’t wait to discuss the growth we are seeing in your scholar!

team 9h

Welcome to the third quarter!  With midterms behind us, we look forward to the second semester.  We are excited about attending our final InterACT play this year,Feeding the Dragon, on February 1st at the Bushnell Theater. The final revisions and completion of the Exploravision/Toshiba project will be completed by Feb 7th.  Please encourage your child to stay after for assistance on the project.  We would also like to introduce Mr. Bryan Kirby, a senior attending the Neag School of Education Program at UCONN.  Mr. Kirby will be teaching Bio 9 classes with Mr. Hoxley and we are excited to have him on board!  All parents and guardians are invited to attend Report Card Night on February 1, 2018, from 5:00 pm -7:00 pm. Hope to see you then!  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact any us with questions or concerns about your child.

team phoenix

Team Phoenix teachers and students are looking forward to approaching the second half of the year with an eye toward the future. During second semester, we will start to release additional responsibilities to our freshmen and encourage them to take ownership over their educational and behavioral goals. Our team looks forward to seeing our Hornet families at Report Card Night on February 1st as it will give us an opportunity to have brief conversations with you about your student’s progress in Team Phoenix classes.  

team velocity

Team Velocity is ready to get back in the swing of things. Snow days and Midterms impacted our regular daily schedule but February and March really give us the opportunity to get back on track and focus on doing even better than we did Semester 1. Many of our students have been given new notebooks and folders to start Semester 2 fresh. Please help us encourage your child to stay organized, complete all work on time and be aware of grades/assignments. We are looking forward to seeing you all on February 1st at Report Card Night!

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