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school Culture Update 

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School Culture Monthly Update - March 2018 - page 1


EHPS Theory of Action #2:  Build a Rich and Vibrant Learning Culture 

Office of Family & Community Partnerships

March has been a busy month preparing for the SAT rally that will be taking place on March 16th from 3-5 p.m. There has been quite a buzz about the SAT rally and the donations keep coming in. Also, on March 26th and March 27th in room 123 we are holding a Prom Dress drive. Donors have provided dresses for any student who would like to take advantage of this fantastic event. Men’s Warehouse will be in attendance as well on those dates to fit any student who like to be fitted for a Tux or Suit rental for the prom.

Family Involvement


security team

Each month the security team provides an overview of current safe school happenings as well as reminders in best practices for daily safety at EHHS. This month, we want to continue to focus your attention on our protocols for safety situations, addressing facility needs, and most importantly, engaging in these conversations with your students. On Friday, March 9th, students in Hornet time and Connections participated in reminders and scenarios about being safe in school. Initial student feedback from this experience noted that our kids feel as though they need more conversations and learning in these areas in their individual classes. We encourage you to talk about safety situations, drill protocols, and address any questions your students may have about these areas. As always, the safety team would be willing to help support any questions or classroom needs as desired. Please don’t hesitate to contact House 10 if you need any additional support.

school-wide data team

The SWDT did not meet this past month due to weather. The team looks to meet in April to review the school and district’s accountability index as it compares to past years and other districts throughout the state. The team will begin the planning stages of the end of the year faculty meetings to assess the needs of our school in an effort to drive the creation of next year’s SIP.


In April PBIS is putting together another Connections activity with a short video about acts of kindness within the school community.

In March the team forwarded suggestions to administration regarding the ARC process. We will continue to look at the sign in data for quarter 3-4 to offer more insight for future improvements.
Lastly, PBIS is working on a one page document full of favorite tier one classroom behavioral strategies from EHHS teachers. This document will be shared with newer staff each year.

 Stand for 17: Human Rights

staff awards & celebrations



  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2011 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2012 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2013 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2016 Award Ribbon
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