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Head Coach: Mr. Matt Martucci
Contact: martucci.mj@easthartford.org

Assistant Coach: Brian Oatway
Contact: BrianO@progressiveeng.com 

JV Coach: Bernie McGovern
Contact: mcgovern.bj@easthartford.org 

FR Coach: Maureen Martucci

2018-2019 Schedule


softball picture

As a member of the 2018 Hornets Softball Team, you are making a full commitment to the program and will understand and adhere to team rules and expectations. Making this commitment will offer you a valuable experience as a student-athlete on our team, as well as contribute to personal and collective growth and success. You will represent our school by performing with pride, competing with class, and having fun!



  1. We will have practice on every school day that there is not a game, unless otherwise noted. Practice will run for 2-3 hours, ranging from 2:30-5:30 pm. We will also have practice on some Saturdays throughout the season, morning hour times to be determined. In the event of inclement weather, the practice schedule and plan will be adjusted accordingly and sent via Remind text in a timely manner.
  2. If you must leave early from practice, or will be late to practice for any reason, please communicate about it as soon as possible and provide a note or pass for confirmation. There will be no consequence if you adhere to this rule. If it becomes a habitual occurrence, it will result in decreased playing time.
  3. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! We will enter the gym/pit/take the field together every day at practice.

If you are late to practice without communication, it will result in decreased playing time.

  1. The coaching staff fully understands and respects that personal situations arise, illnesses and injuries happen, and prior family and academic commitments may be planned. With documentation, these are the absences we will excuse. The purpose of this rule is to be as fair as possible to every member of our team by not judging the acceptability of any other unexcused reason (another extra-curricular activity or work) to miss an entire practice or game. If you are not here when we ask you to be, you will not play.

If you miss an entire practice or game for an unexcused reason it will result in:

    1. First offense…                       Benched for the following game
    2. Second offense…                   Benched for the following two games
    3. Third offense…                     Removal from the team
  1. Please wear proper attire and footwear at all times. This is to ensure your comfort and safety. You may wear any type of softball gear you would like to wear at practice.       If you are not dressed appropriately, you will not practice. You will receive a team uniform that will be worn at all games and a team bag (Varsity) for your equipment. Your uniform must be clean before each game and must be tucked in. You may choose to wear no headgear, a team visor, or a black headband in the field. If you are not dressed appropriately, you will not play. Failure to return your full uniform and bag (Varsity) at the end of the season, or damage done to a team helmet, will result in receiving an accountability. You may choose to purchase team gear that can also be worn in school.
  2. Family members, friends, peers and staff members are welcomed and encouraged to attend games and support the team! During the game, whether or not you are currently in the lineup, you will not sit in the stands or interact with fans. You will not use electronic devices or do any school work on the bench. That is for the bus. You will fully participate in the game by playing, observing, supporting and interacting with teammates and coaches only. If you must be reminded of this very important team standard more than once, there will be a consequence. Immediately after all games, home or away, we will meet as a team in the outfield, and then return to clean our bench area and gather equipment. Nobody leaves until all duties are taken care of.

                                                               GAME DAY

All players are expected to arrive on time by 3:00 at McAuliffe Park (ride or bus transportation) for warm-ups prior to home games, done as a team, and at the designated time for the team bus in the pit hallway for away games. If you are late without communication, you will not start the game. If you are late without communication again, you will not play. If you miss the bus, we will leave without you. After we get off the bus with all equipment, we will walk to the field together. The bus will return to EHHS following each away game. You must take the team bus back to EHHS unless your parent/guardian has signed the Athletic Director’s form allowing administrative permission to make other arrangements.      



All student-athletes at EHHS must realize that they are students first! Please communicate if you ever need any assistance or accommodations in a certain class and we can help you make a plan. Please be proactive and mature by communicating with your teachers. Failure to meet the academic expectations enforced by the EHHS Athletic Department will put your status on our team in jeopardy. Your academic eligibility will be monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that you are achieving an acceptable academic performance. Failure to do so may result in a suspension or lead to removal from the team.



The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco or any other drugs is not allowed in the building, on school grounds, or at any extra-curricular activities.   Members of the Softball program will follow the strict guidelines set forth by the EHHS Athletic Department and student-athlete handbook. The coaches fully support and will follow the zero-tolerance protocol at East Hartford High School. The first offense for any type of behavior related to illegal substances will the result in automatic permanent removal from the team. You have made a commitment to our program and your teammates, so it is imperative that you discipline yourself to make good decisions and avoid outside distractions.



As a student-athlete, you are expected to conduct yourself properly at all times and set a positive example for your peers within our school community. You are expected to exhibit integrity and respect in the classroom, on the field, at school events, through the use of social media and toward every member of this program. Any negative reports from teachers, administrators or building staff will be thoroughly investigated and discussed. Any attitude issues that the coaches must address will be dealt with strictly. This is non-negotiable.

Failure to demonstrate appropriate behavior in any setting will result in the following:

    1. First offense…                       Two week suspension
    2. Second offense…                   Permanent removal from the team




All players will compete with a high level of intensity, while maintaining composure on the field, on the bench, on the bus, and while interacting with coaches, teammates, opponents, opposing coaches and umpires. Earn respect from everybody. All players will be expected to communicate appropriately and refrain from using vulgar language. You will not verbally, through body language or physically engage in feuds of any kind with a teammate, coach, opposing player, opposing coach, umpire or fan. If you do, you will be removed from the practice or game immediately and will be subject to the consequences outlined above. When a practice is over, all players will leave the field together. When a game is over, all players will shake hands with members of the opposing team and jog to the outfield for the post-game team meeting, after which we dismiss.











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