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The Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) is a logical extension of the state’s long-established testing program.  For nearly two decades, students have been tested at Grades 4, 6 and 8 on the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT).  In 1994 the CAPT extended Connecticut’s testing program to the high school level, serving somewhat different purposes than the previously established CMT.

The purposes of the CAPT Program are to:

  • set high expectations and standards for student achievement on a comprehensive range of important skills and knowledge;

  • emphasize the application and integration of skills and knowledge in   realistic contexts;

  • promote better instruction and curriculum by providing useful test achievement information about students, schools and districts; and
  • provide an expanded measure of accountability for all levels of Connecticut’s education system up to and including high school. The CAPT assesses and reports on student performance in four areas: Mathematics, Reading Across the Disciplines (based on a Response to Literature test and a Reading for Information test), Writing Across the Disciplines (based on two Interdisciplinary Writing tests and an Editing & Revising test) and Science.  The CAPT requires more from students than other traditional tests.  While traditional assessments typically measure what students know, the CAPT uses state-of-the-art assessment techniques, such as performance tasks, to also measure what students can do with what they know.  The CAPT measures students’ abilities to apply what they have learned in school to situations, they may face throughout their lives.

  • While the CAPT cannot be used as the sole criterion for graduation, it does have relatively high stakes associated with it at the student level.  The State Board of Education has established ambitious goals for Connecticut’s high school students in Reading Across the Disciplines, Writing Across the Disciplines, Science and Mathematics.  While there is no passing score on the CAPT, goal standards in Reading Across the Disciplines, Writing Across the Disciplines, Science and Mathematics have been established for Grade 10 students.  These goals standards represent high, yet reasonable, expectations for students at the end of Grade 10.  Each student’s results will become part of his or her school records.  Results also will be reported on each student’s high school transcript so that prospective employers and colleges can review them.  Students who meet or exceed the goal standard in each content area receive a Certification of Mastery in those areas.  Students in Grades 11 and 12 who retake any part of the CAPT and meet the goal standard are awarded Certification of Mastery as well.

State Of Connecticut, Department of Education CAPT

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