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English Department

Department Philosophy

Strong reading and writing skills are the cornerstones to student success. All students should master the skill of writing and analysis as well as critical reading prior to high school graduation.

We want students to be lifelong readers – to that aim, we encourage students to experience a broad range of fiction and non-fiction works, including contemporary and young adult literature alongside great literary classics.

Department Goals

  • Students will use appropriate strategies before, during and after reading in order to construct meaning.
  • Students will describe, interpret, reflect on, analyze and evaluate text in order to extend understanding and enjoyment.
  • Students will select and apply strategies to facilitate word recognition and extend vocabulary development.
  • Students will communicate with others to create interpretations and evaluation of written, oral, and visual texts.
  • Students will recognize how literary devices and conventions capture the reader.
  • Students will explore multiple responses to literature.
  • Students will recognize and appreciate that contemporary and classical literature has shaped human thought.
  • Students will recognize that readers and writers are influenced by individual, social, cultural and historical contexts.
  • Students will explore decisions and political and social issues through literature.
  • Students will use descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive and poetic modes.
  • Students will prepare, publish and present work appropriate to audience, purpose and task.
  • Students will employ research skills
  • Students will conform to Standard English.
  • Students will use language appropriate to purpose, audience and task.
  • Students will use knowledge of their language and culture to improve competency in English.


Please direct your questions to:
Michelle E. Eckler, Department Head

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