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Grades 11 & 12 Electives

Students in grades 11 and 12 may elect any of the courses below in addition to their required U.S. History course and civics course.

Contemporary Issues and Current Affairs
1 Semester 1/2 credit
Code: Sem A 521, Sem B 522
Prerequisite: Completion of grade 9 and 10 requirements.
Description: This course will examine such current domestic issues as crime, housing, taxation, the environment, and other current topics.

Human Rights Seminar
1 Sem. or Full Year 1 or 2 credits
Note: meets 2 periods every day. An English teacher and a social studies teacher will share the teaching. A passing grade gives 1/2 credit in English and 1/2 credit in social studies.
Codes: Sem A 055, Sem B 056 (Elect both codes for full year).
Prerequisite: Completion of grade 11 English requirements. Recommended for Work and/or College and/or Tech Prep students.
Description: The course will be an interdisciplinary in depth study of human rights. Some of the units covered will include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Holocaust, the plight of the American Indian, apartheid, slavery, and the use of torture. Students will look at the cause and results of prejudice, as well as the role of propaganda and censorship. Literature and historical works will complement each other. Students will be required to do a research project and several short papers. Emphasis will be placed on thinking skills.

Law and the Citizen
1 Semester 1/2 credit
Code: Sem A 525, Sem B 526
Prerequisite: Completion of grade 9/10 requirements.
Description: This course is designed as a citizen course with a focus on practical law. It focuses on Federal, State and Local governments and their interaction with the legal system. Every day legal situations such as due process of law, individual rights, police procedures and procedures in small claims court are covered. The effects of landmark Supreme Court decisions are studied in the context of daily life.

Modern European History Honors
Advanced Placement Full Year 1 credit
Code: 539
Prerequisite: Completion of AP U.S. History or College U.S. History and approval of the Chairman of the Social Studies Department.
Description: This course is designed for the senior interested in taking an advanced course in Modern European History. The course will prepare the student to take the Advanced Placement Exam in European History. In addition to providing a basic narrative of events and movements, the goals of this class are to develop a) an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European history, b) an ability to analyze historical evidence, and c) an ability to analyze and to express historical understanding in writing. The intellectual, cultural, political, diplomatic, and social-economic history of the period 1450 to 1970 will be studied.

Introduction to Philosophy Honors
Semester or Full Year 1/2 credit/sem
Code: Sem A 542, Sem B 543
Description: Introduction to Philosophy (Honors) can be offered for a full year on either semester. The course examines the history of ideas by considering such questions as: What is the nature of "the good"? The works of selected Western and Eastern philosophers will be used.

1 Semester 1/2 credit
Code: Sem A 545, Sem B 546
Prerequisite: Completion of grade 9/10 requirements.
Description: The various aspects of human behavior are covered in this course. Among these are why individuals behave as they do; the influences in their environments that affect their behavior; the part played by heredity in individual development; and, what controlled experiments with animals and people can tell us today about ourselves.

Psychology, Advanced Placement
Full Year 1 credit
Code: 549
Prerequisite: Completion of grade 9/10 requirements. Students will be expected to complete a summer project due on the first day of class.
Description: The purpose of the Advanced Placement course in Psychology is to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students will be exposed to psychological facts and principles of each of the subfields with psychology. They will also learn about the methods psychologists use in this science. The aim of the AP course is to provide the student with a learning experience equivalent to that obtained in most college introductory psychology courses. Admission to the course is for highly motivated students. All students will be expected to take the AP Psychology Exam in the spring semester.

1 Semester 1/2 credit
Code: Sem A 547, Sem B 548
Prerequisite: Completion of grade 9/10 requirements.
Description: The course is a study of the social behavior of the group and individuals as members of society. Included will be the study of human activities in social groups: how the group shapes children to fit group life, how different groups have unique behavior, and how problems arise when people live together in groups.

Writing Across the Disciplines
Sem B 1/2 credit
Code: 502
Prerequisite: Grade 11 student who has not met the writing graduation standard for CAPT.
Description: The student will use knowledge and skills gained through social studies, science, mathematics, language arts, the arts and other disciplines to create a persuasive essay representing different perspective on a contemporary issue. The course will cover skills tested on the CAPT test for writing across the disciplines. This is a social studies credit.

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