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Service Learning Rubric

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Description: Service-Learning is a teaching method that combines academic instruction, meaningful service, and critical reflective thinking to enhance students learning and civic responsibility. Use this rubric to evaluate your progress before, during and after your service-learning activity. This rubric was modified from the Utah Education Network Website.  














Meets actual needs


Determined by current research conducted or discovered by students with teacher assistance where appropriate


Determined by past research discovered by students with teacher assistance where appropriate


Determined by making a guess at what community needs may be


Community needs secondary to what a project teacher wants to do; project considers only student needs or desires


Coordinated w/community


Active, direct collaboration with community by the teacher and/or student


Community members act as consultants in the project development


Community members are informed of the project directly


Community members are coincidentally informed or not knowledgeable at all


Facilitates reflection


Students think, share, produce reflective products individually and as group members


Students think, share, produce group reflection only


Students share with no individual reflective projects


Ran out of time for a true reflection; just provided a summary of events


Uses academics in real world


All students have direct application of new skill or knowledge in community service


All students have some active application of new skill or knowledge


Some students more involved than others or little community service involvement


Skill knowledge used mostly in the classroom; no active community service experience


Develops caring


Reflections show affective growth regarding self in community and the importance of service


Reflections show generic growth regarding the importance of community service


Reflections restricted to pros and cons of particular service project regarding the community


Reflections limited to self-centered pros and cons of the service project


Improves quality of life


Facilitate change or insight; help alleviate a suffering; solve a problem; meet a need or address an issue


Changes enhance an already good community situation


Changes mainly decorative, but new and unique benefits realized in community


Changes mainly decorative, but limited community benefit, or are not new and unique


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