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Clubs and Activities

Click here for the most up-to-date list of Clubs and Advisors.

There are nearly 30 clubs and organizations at East Hartford High School.  Our goal is to have an activity which will interest everyone.  If you have an idea for a new club, write up a club proposal containing goals and objectives.  It is recommended that every student participate in at least one club per year in their four years at the high school.

Requirements for Participation

The following are the requirements for participation in activities (non-athletic):

  1. A club must be approved in accordance with established criteria by the Principal and the East Hartford High School Student Council before it can be recognized as a school group and be given use of school time and facilities.
  2. Membership in a club is open to all students except where the purpose of the club requires qualifications (e.g. a French Club).
  3. The club must have a faculty advisor selected and approved according to agreed-upon procedures, and club activities will not be permitted until a faculty advisor has been selected.
  4. Meetings and activities will be established early in the school year with the advisor.
  5. School groups, either continuing or ad hoc, are not permitted to use the school name in participating in activities outside the school, unless prior permission has been granted by the designated school official.
  6. No officer of the Student Council may serve as a class officer.
  7. Student Council officers, Student Representative to the Board of Education, class officers, and all activities participants must adhere to the academic requirements as set forth by the C.I.A.C. and the East Hartford Board of Education 1.7 GPA rule and be free of accountabilities.
  8. Student Council representatives must meet the requirements of the Student Council Constitution.
  9. Students may not participate in any school activities the day(s) an Extended Detention or Out of School Suspension is assigned or is served.
  10. Yearbooks are available to all students. Yearbooks must be ordered by December 23rd to guarantee your purchase.

Senior Activities

  1. Seniors are required to pay in full all accountabilities and/or senior assessments by May 15th in order to attend senior activities.
  2. All Senior functions are to be Drug and Alcohol Free. Consumption, distribution, possession or transportation of any substances will result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.
  3. Seniors must have earned the required 16 credits to participate in any senior activity.
  4. Seniors who attend the Senior Picnic must travel to the picnic area and return to school on the school buses that are provided. No exceptions allowed.
  5. In order to participate in Graduation ceremonies, SENIORS are required to attend 3 graduation rehearsals. All school rules and regulations will apply during these rehearsals.
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