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Refusal Skills Tutors

The Refusal Skills Tutors program was established in 1989 as part of the K-12 drug awareness program. Beginning with an application process each fall, approximately twenty-five Tutors are selected and trained to teach fourth grade students how to "say No and keep their friends". The tutors visit every fourth grade class in East Hartford.

The selection process to become a tutor, includes filling out an application form, seeking a recommendation from a teacher, no grades lower than a C and an interview by a committee of experienced tutors.

The Tutors, who are usually selected in ninth grade, stay in the program for four years. They represent the best of East Hartford High School in their sense of responsibility and dedication. New tutors attend a two to three hour training course, much of which is taught by experienced tutors. The Tutors learn to present a standardized curriculum developed by past Master Tutors. The new tutors are then expected to remain in the program for their four years at East Hartford High School. New Tutors teach under the direction of Experienced Tutors for their first two years. They rise through three levels of achievement, beginning as Apprentices, earning the level of Experienced Tutor, and finally rising to the level of Master based on their success in presenting the program as assessed by peer and teacher evaluations.

The high school tutors work in teams of three to four. They visit each class for an hour, on two consecutive days. They teach children to:

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Name the Trouble
  3. Identify the Consequences
  4. Suggest an Alternative
  5. Move it, sell it, leave the door open.

Many of the Tutors go on into teaching careers.

Advisor: Linda Carlson, Room 240

  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2011 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2012 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2013 Award Ribbon
  • Hartford Courant Top Work Places 2016 Award Ribbon
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